“The Right” Wardrobe Essentials

“The Right” Wardrobe Essentials

The Right White T

Keep in mind your best features when it comes to picking the right whit T

  • Right Neckline: go based on your face shape
  • Right length: where the shirt hits you is very important!
  • Right fit: Pick your shirt based on your bust size and we can alter the lower half to your best shape

The price range for these Tees can go from $15 basic Amazon T-Shirt to a $85 Rag & Bone Base


  • Ladies, it is always cute if you are a casual day to tie a knot in the front or the back or your Tees, and gentleman for you it is all about the right layer piece, a nice leather jacket, a cashmere cardigan or a suit jacket can make it or break it.

The Right Button-up Shirt

Button ups can save you from a lot of headaches. From interview outfits and business meeting to casual days with your colleges.

Keep in mind

  • Right print: Based on your height, measurements and the event you are attending
  • Right length: Depends on whether you want to tuck your shirt in or not
  • Right fit: Ladies choose shirt to fit your bust, gentlemen choose the shirt to fit your shoulder, we can always alter the rest for you


  • Ladies you can always spice it up by adding a silk patterned scarf to you look and gentlemen you can add cufflinks to your sleeves!

The Right Jeans

With all these different shapes and colors of jean, you have to make sure you pick the most flattering one. Keep in mind what you want to emphasize and what you are trying to de-emphasize.

  • Right wash: if you are emphasizing your legs, opt for lighter colors. If you want to make it formal and dressier choose dark wash
  • Right legs: This is where you can balance your top and bottom and create harmony example: boot cut, skinny legs and regular fit
  • Right fit: Pick them based on your thighs, we can always alter the waist for you


  • The right pair of jeans can be dressed up and dressed down, and they can bring out the best features in you.


Stay tuned for 2018 essential pieces next week!



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