My New Year’s FASHION Resolution – Women




  • Find your Body Type!

The most important step is to know what your body type is?

If you know what looks good on you, you can find your style 1000 time easier

Are you a boho chic, Classic, Feminine, casual or sporty?


  • Buy Consciously!

I’m sure you all have heard about the toll fashion takes socially and environmentally. Fashion is ranked 2nd as the most wasteful industry and has harrowing tales of social injustice. The number one contributor to these elements are the fast fashion labels. I know we all love shopping the deals and being trendy on a budget, but how about this year lets buy less

  • Invest in classic pieces

Think twice before you buy that super trendy piece that you will get tired of in a week or less! Instead look for a pair of quality jeans, a nice cashmere sweater in solid colors that will last you a few seasons! You can always sell these classic pieces on eBay for a great deal later!

  • No more “Ugg and sweatpants” outfits!

This year pick a more chic casual look. Ugg boots are comfortable and warm, but pair them with nice skinny jeans or opt for colorful and patterned leggings. Wear sweatpants with nice sneakers or All Stars to give it a more preppy look! Even when you are going to run a small errand, look as if you might run into someone important!


  • Wear colorful statement pieces

I know I know, every year we make a decision to wear more colors! Then it just doesn’t happen. How about this year try to pick colorful statement pieces! A patterned scarf with your sweater, colorful shoes with jeans or statement jewelry in red, purple and blue!


Let’s make 2018 a more fashionable!

Stay tuned for the men version of “My New Year’s Fashion Resolution”



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